Increasing the Performance of Your Website – Simple Tips

One of the easiest ways to increase the performance of a page is by decreasing the size of the page. By decreasing the size of a webpage it can increase the speed in which the page loads up. Another idea is shrinking any images on the page, by having really large images to load it may be slowing down the load time. If there are to many images this can also lead to slower load times. There are tools for checking the speed of ones website, which can be necessary if someone thinks their page is running slow. The Pingdom Website Speed Test is one test someone can use to test out the websites speed.


Another way to improve the site performance is by using a heatmap tracking system, crazy egg is a good one this ensures the visitors are clicking where the provider wants them to click. If the visitors are clicking the wrong spot the web designer may want to fix whatever the problem may be. Google has another tool with tips and tricks to make a page faster called PageSpeed Insights. Since 50 percent of people are using their mobile devices when they are loading this website making ones page mobile friendly can be a great step in improving a pages performance.

A content delivery network is a way to take websites, images, web pages, pictures, etc and use a closer server so that it loads faster. CacheIng as much as possible will also help the page load faster by reducing the bandwidth. Profiling the page can also increase the speed by helping get rid of things that are unnecessary or things on the page that can be optimized. It’s important for the web server to be working well in order to maximize the pages performance. The web server is the brains of the whole site so it’s very important to monitor this to keep your page at its highest quality. If the person making the website is new and does not know how to regulate the web server fiddler is a good program to help that person monitor the page to see where any problems on the page might be.


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